ERI-ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HEALTH ANALYSIS DEVICE reveals main cause of diseases - corrects pathologies - slows down aging process - removes stress from the body

Wherever you go, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already there!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is one of the most popular areas of computer science and engineering. AI tries to reproduce what the human brain does. This means analyzing, understanding, responding, learning and finding solutions. Since it is the computer that performs this reproduction, it is software that provides this intelligence. This intelligent software has the ability to find standalone solutions through large data analysis.

Health is not beyond this "game" and the massive impact of AI on the currently established methods and therapeutic practices is expected. This applies to diagnostics, medical therapy, new drug development, personalized treatment and overall health and prevention management, including gene editing.
How can computers learn?
Machine learning - algorithms can learn to find connections and manifestations related to diseases similar to the way a doctor sees them. It is crucial for a computer to have as many specific examples as possible - several hundreds of thousands to millions of data to learn from them. And, of course, this information must be digitized in order for the computer software to process it. So machine learning is particularly helpful in areas where diagnostic information is already digitized.

ERI - mechanism of correction
ERI(AI) software knows exactly how some organ/system should look like when is healthy and how it is in reality. If organ doesn´t broadcast the right signal, ERI software generates a correcting signal (emitted by sensor/antenna) which interferes with the place of pathology. Pathology is represented by disruption of synchronous connection(non-locality) and thus the system is loosing the information about healthy functionality.

Technical implementation of ERI regulatory signal leverages the quantum nature of living systems. The regulatory signal is primarily aimed to restore of non-local connections in the individual quantum systems of the body by restoring their coherent (synchronous) state,threby recovering the information, communication and regulatory processes between the structural elements within the systems, and in the consequences,between other systems as well.

ERI technology represents the first targeted intervention into quantum level of cells communication and informatics to restore their non-locality(synchronicity) which is carrying the precious information about their physiological state.

The Principle of ERI technology is based on Emission spectroscopy and the digitalization of big data recorded from the body. Each atom, molecule, cell, or organ emits an electric field that is unique and literally represents its own electric "fingerprint" as on the picture below.. These electric footprints are measurable also for dynamic systems like metabolism or  biochemical processes in the body. 

The technology is so sensitive that, apart from revealing pathological changes and correction,  ERI is capable of also tracking the molecules released from the nerve tissue for various emotional situations, and with that, analyzing the mental state of the person and correcting it as well. 

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  • ERI - deep health analysis revealing the main cause of the disease
  • Correction of the main health deviations
  • Anti-Aging program
  • Detoxication
  • Allergy and healthy life style
  • Stress management
  • Sport therapy