ERI-AI Health Analysis

- digital health technology - reveals main cause of diseases - corrects pathologies - slows down aging process - removes stress from the body

The Principle of ERI technology is based on Emission spectroscopy and the digitalization of big data recorded from the body. Each atom, molecule, cell, or organ emits an electric field that is unique and represents function of body organs and systems.These electric "fingerprints" are measurable also for dynamic systems like metabolism and biochemical processes in the body.

The technology is so sensitive that, apart from revealing pathological changes and correction,  ERI is capable of also tracking the molecules released from the nerve tissue for various emotional situations, and with that, analyzing the mental state of the person and correcting it as well.

The Analytical Cloud System ERI belongs to the intelligent self-learning programs that need an enormous amount of data thereby revealing undiscovered information about processes in our body. Examination and correction of physical and mental health by any individual  opens endless possibilities of Digital Health for the human civilization!

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