Normalization of micro-circulation and blood flow

  • BEMER – a patented physical micro-vessel therapy that influences the auto-rhythmic movement of vessels with substantial support of micro-circulation. A micro-circulatory defect occurs as a complication of several diseases and, at the same time, may also be a cause of disease. By improving the micro-circulation, the oxygen reaches all the cells of our body, thus improving the functioning of the system of own energy production, nourishment and waste product elimination. This ensures optimum functioning of cells. As a consequence, wounds heal faster, the immunity system is strengthened, blocked parts of immunity are released and healing processes inside the body are initiated
  • BEMER therapy has a positive effect on blood flow, stimulates the immunity system, enhances the transmission ability of nerve fibres and helps to implement mineral substances and vitamins in cells. It is a unique patented method developed by the National Centre for Micro-Circulation in Germany. More detailed information on Bemer therapy and visible treatment results is available in the attached presentation and video recordings


The effects of therapy for acne

BEMER therapy - 20 min

Effects of BEMER therapy on further indications 
can be downloaded in the attached presentation:

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